History of The Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau

History of Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau

001-20 The Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau was established in August 1911 when the City of Tokyo (now the Tokyo Metropolitan Government) acquired the Tokyo Railway Company. At the height of the Showa period (1926-1989), there were 41 streetcar lines with a total length of 213 km.
Like the Tokyu Tamagawa Line, the Tokyo Metropolitan Electric Railway was discontinued between 1967 and November 1972 due to difficulties in operation caused by the increase in the number of automobiles, and the lines were converted to metropolitan buses and subways.
Currently, only the Arakawa Line, which operates between Waseda and Minowabashi, remains as a track line.The first entry into the railway line was in 1960 with the opening of the Asakusa Line between Oshiage and Asakusabashi stations, which became a subway operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government under the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Underground Rapid Transit.
Currently, four lines are in operation: Asakusa Line,Mita Line,Shinjuku Line, andOedo Line.
Mita Line Type 6300

Toei Subway lines ( total length: 109 km)

line interval Interval distance railroad track gauge top speed cross platform
Asakusa Line (Line 1) Nishimagome~Oshiage 18.3km 1,435mm 70km/h Keisei Electric Railway and Keihin Electric Express Railway
Mita Line (Line 6) Shirokane-Takanawa – Nishi-Takashimadaira 24.2km 1,067mm 75km/h Tokyu Meguro Line, Yokohama Kosoku Minatomirai Line
Shinjuku Line (Line 10) Keio New Line Shinjuku – Motoyawata 23.5km 1,372mm 75km/h Keio Sagamihara Line
Oedo Line (Line 12) Hikarigaoka – Tocho-mae – Ryogoku – Shinjuku 40.7Km 1,435mm 70km/h
The Asakusa Line includes Hokuso Railway and Shibayama Railway.
The Oedo Line is standard gauge, but because it is a linear system, it is not compatible with other lines of the same gauge.
The Oedo Line is the total distance between radial stations (Shinjuku – Hikarigaoka) and circular stations (Tochomae – Ryogoku – Daimon – Roppongi – Shinjuku).

Lines other than railway lines

line interval Interval distance railroad track gauge top speed orbital method
Toden Arakawa Line Waseda – Minowabashi 12.2Km 1,372mm 40Km/h railroad track
Nippori Toneri Liner Nippori – Minuma-dai Shinsui Koen 9.70Km 60Km/h guided railways
Ueno Tension Line Ueno Zoo (East Garden – West Garden) 331.42m 20Km/h Suspension railway (single track)
The Ueno Suspension Line is a monorail system within the Tokyo Metropolitan Ueno Zoological Gardens, and is defined as a transportation system based on the Railway Law.